Our Purpose
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Whether a life is measured in days, weeks, or months, children deserve the opportunity to learn, develop and grow.

Canuck Place encourages each child to ‘embrace life’ and believes in enhancing the quality of whatever time a child may have left by empowering them to live fully and joyfully

Canuck Place is open to all British Columbia children up to and including the age of 19 with a progressive, life-threatening illness

Life-threatening illnesses include, for example, children with cardiac anomalies, various forms of neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, metabolic diseases or other diseases

Care is available at any stage of a child’s illness

Families may be referred to Canuck Place services by their family doctor, pediatrician, nurses or other healthcare providers, family members or friends. For more information on our admissions / referral process, please visit the Healthcare Professionals section.

At the moment, there are about 400 children and families from across British Columbia in our program. Our current budget allows us to provide in-hospice care for up to nine children and four families.

In addition to our core services in the Hospice, we provide consultation and education services to care providers and families.  Because of the generosity of our donors and volunteers, all of our services are provided free of charge.