Family  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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Common Questions Posed by Families
  1. Is there a cost for families to use Canuck Place programs and services?
    No, there is no cost to the family for Canuck Place programs or services.
    Canuck Place relies upon the generous support of individual donors and corporate sponsors, in partnership with the BC Government and the Vancouver Canucks organization to offer our programs at no cost.

  2. How many children can Canuck Place accommodate?
    Up to nine (9) children and four (4) families can reside at Canuck Place at one time.
    Canuck Place hired a space planner to conduct an in-depth study of the utilization of current space and to make recommendations regarding renovations to maximize operational efficiency at the hospice including the addition of a family suite.
  3. How does a child get referred into the Canuck Place program?
    Referrals to the Canuck Place program can be made by families, physicians, other medical professionals, neighbours or friends, as long as the family has given consent for the referral.
    See the Healthcare Professionals section - "how to make a referral" for details.
  4. Who do I speak to about counselling and grief support?
    Please contact either:
    Kerry M. Keats, MSW,LCSW, Pediatric Clinical Social Work
    By phone: 604.742.3473
    By e-mail:

    Kathryn Nicholson, MMT MTA RCC Clinical Counsellor
    By phone: 604.742.3472
    By e-mail: