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12 Gratitudes of Canuck Place: A Caring Brunch Affair

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Canuck Place care is made possible by hundreds of volunteers. This dedicated group of caring individuals provide support in the kitchen, at events, and work directly with children and families. You can find a volunteer in almost every corner of the house.

Long-time volunteers Amrit and Johnson exemplify this care. In addition to over a decade of volunteer work, they’ve put their caring hearts towards fundraising for Canuck Place.

“Volunteering at Canuck Place is a privilege,” explains Amrit. “Allowing us to be a small part of a wonderful organization that helps families in the hardest moments of their lives.”

“Being allowed to join in a journey where embracing life is an essential part of everyday and seeing courage come in all shapes and sizes is a privilege,” adds Johnson.

“Canuck Place truly is a magical home. Offering comfort and care to families, with tears and laughter, normalcy and extraordinary moments, a soft shoulder or a goods nights rest; it is a unique and special environment that I’m lucky to be a part of.”

In addition to volunteering, Amrit and Johnson had been looking for an event they could host to raise funds for Canuck Place care.

Their inspiration came with some European flair: Breakfast markets. Popular throughout Europe, they wondered why they hadn’t made their way to Vancouver. So they decided to launch one themselves.

“We all often eat breakfast, lunch, and even dinner on our own,” explained Johnson. “But never brunch. There is not even an actual need for brunch as a meal; that’s what the other three are for. But each time we choose brunch, we are actively choosing friends and family we want to bond and share our lives with.”

With themes of community and connection, using the event to fundraise for Canuck Place was an easy choice. Their fellow Canuck Place volunteers even offered their time to help, and the Brunch Affair was born.

For two weekends this summer in North Vancouver the Pipe Shop became the go-to brunch spot in town.

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The Brunch Affair is featured in the 12 Gratitudes of Canuck Place. Discover more stories in our advent calendar.


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