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20 Years of Lessons Learned from Canuck Place Families

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Canuck Place Spiritual Care Counsellor, Eric Stephanson has been providing care and a gentle, guiding hand to Canuck Place families for 20 years. In that time he’s dispensed countless pieces of advice, but he’s also learned priceless lessons from the families he helps.

“Love is stronger than death.”

Pay attention to the people that you love, the people that love you. Listen to them. Honour them. Waste time looking after them.

“Children who pass away are ahead of us.”

Parents fear they are losing their children, leaving them behind as they continue to live. However, if you think of the mystery of dying, they’re ahead of us. They have gone to a place that we are going.

“The normal resting state of what it is to be human is to be embedded in relationships of love and caring and support.”

The kind of work we do at Canuck Place speaks to people about how important it is to care for others, to be human. The journey in life is important but who you are with and how you are with them is also important.

477 parents and siblings found support at Canuck Place bereavement groups last year. Donors like you ensure Eric and the counselling team can be there for families during the most challenging situations to offer a calming presence and guide them through each stage of their child’s illness and beyond.

Make sure this important work continues at Canuck Place. Donate today.

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