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A Little Light with Volunteer Beth

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Volunteers spend a lot of quality time with the children and families who receive care at Canuck Place. Beth is a Peer Volunteer who spends time with kids in the house. Her responsibility? Make sure that children and their siblings are happy and having fun.

Beth enjoys spending time with families and getting to know who the children are. “When their parents aren’t there, and the nurses are busy taking care of their other needs, you really get to talk to them, and see who they are as people – more than just what they have,” said Beth. “That’s what I love about being there.”

It’s often small moments and little memories that add joy to our lives – you just have to notice them. Beth recalls spending time with a child at Canuck Place who was working on an important milestone: “One of the kids, he’s learning to walk right now, and he has his little shopping cart, and he uses it to walk. He puts his arms up and runs with it, and that’s his favourite thing to do.”

Beth’s experience at Canuck Place has given her a greater appreciation of what she has to be grateful for her in own life. This understanding has impacted her decision to spend more time in the service of others.

“I think it’s a great time for me to take a step back in my life, and realize there’s bigger issues that these kids are facing than I’ll ever face,” said Beth.

When Canuck Place families face incredibly difficult circumstances, Beth helps how she can, by giving her presence as a peer and a friend to families. “I just want to be able to help them, and if I can bring a little bit of joy to their life through the whole process, then I’ve done what I really wanted to do.”

Beth is featured in the Let Your Light Shine project.

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