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Catherine Osler, Secretary

Catherine Osler is known as a serial entrepreneur. She has pursued a multi- faceted career characterized by her passion for excellence and ability to build leadership and enterprise capacity. She founded Parallel Strategies, a firm that became one of Western Canada’s largest corporate and marketing communication firms. In 2000, she turned her hand to building a management consulting and executive coaching practice that focused on developing great leaders and their teams. Concurrent with this, she co-founded Syncresse Partners, a Women’s Leadership Practice designed to meet the unique development needs of professional women across North America. From 2009 – 2015, Catherine continued with her focus on developing great leaders as President and then CEO of TEC Canada –  a national leadership development firm focused on accelerating the growth and development of Canadian business.

Catherine joined the Board of Canuck Place in June 2016 to continue her work helping visionary organizations realize their goals and make the contributions that they are driven to pursue. When not working, she loves to spend free time with her husband sailing and gardening at their home in the Gulf Islands or pursuing her photographic art practice and music.