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Adversity: Bracelet Brothers

Canuck Place Care |

Adversity is inevitable, but it’s what you do with your time that allows you to overcome these adversities. For Canuck Place sibling Layne, he kept himself busy by putting all of his energy into a creative venture.

When he was 9 years old, Layne started making rainbow loom bracelets, to raise money in support of Canuck Place. His twin brother Nathan spent a lot of time at Canuck Place for respite care and Layne often accompanied him during these stays.

Layne’s venture into philanthropy was initiated by a classroom lesson about random acts of kindness. Inspired by the lesson, Layne started selling these bracelets at his mother’s salon at a suggested donation of $2. Thanks to his crafty skills, the bracelets sold like hot cakes. To date, he’s made roughly 500 bracelets.

At the beginning, it took 30 minutes to make. Now, the “easy ones” take one minute to create. “If I was doing a harder one, it takes me 10 minutes,” Layne explained.

A year after he started making these bracelets, Nathan passed away on program in July 2016.

But Layne still continued to make these bracelets and this creative project eventually became a whole family affair. “He had a few things already but we ended up buying a whole bunch more,” Layne’s mother, Annette explained. “People would bring me supplies for him to use, like my clients, and his grandparents would buy him elastics to make the bracelets.”

In total, Layne has raised an incredible $775 for Canuck Place.

After more than a year of making these bracelets, Layne’s retiring from the craft. “He recently gave all his stuff away. I think he was done because he did it for a whole year,” Annette said.

Instead, Layne will be keeping himself busy in the next little while, as he figures out a new type of craft to make and continue supporting an organization close to his heart.

“You never expect you’re going to need Canuck Place, but we’re so grateful for the support we’ve received,” Annette said. “It’s been almost a year and a half since Nate passed away and they still call, they still email. I don’t think we could have done it without them. They helped me and our family in so many ways. We will forever be grateful for all they have done.”

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