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Bees Keeping Canuck Place Beautiful

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Bees have moved into the Canuck Place garden.

Don’t worry! Our new tenants are friendly mason bees, they don’t sting people very often, but they do help keep our garden looking beautiful.
Bees are an essential part of our ecosystem. They don’t just pollinate flowers, they also help keep fruits and vegetables thriving. Bee populations have been declining for years, but they’re a necessary part of the food chain.

Local amateur bee keepers, Dick and Jillian Scarth recently stopped by Canuck Place to show children, staff, and volunteers how to roll paper to create Mason bee nests.

They’ve been been keeping bees for 25 years, spurred to action at the realization that their fruits trees were producing less fruit than in previous years. This soon developed into a life-long love for Mason bees.

Dick and Jillian are passionate about educating children about nature, and hope to ignite interests in environmentalism and the importance of bees in all of our lives.

Canuck Place’s own resident bee keeper, Dale, installed a nest filled with the bee cocoons, and some new friends have already been spotted in the garden.

Stay tuned this Fall, when Dick and Jillian will return to help harvest the cocoons!

     Bee prep1     beeprep3

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