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Best Day Ever: Kids Helping Kids

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Siblings Cruz and Zozo may only be seven and three, but they’re already well on their way to being entrepreneurs and budding philanthropists.

In the summer of 2014 they opened Kidsilano Lemonade, the most stylish lemonade stand on their block.

Their family believes that if you’re going to do something, you do it to the best of your ability and make it as fun as possible. So when Cruz approached his parents about running a lemonade stand in front on their house, it wasn’t going to be a folding table with a cardboard sign.

Mom, Sacha designed a logo, and dad and grandpa joined Cruz in building a stand.

Evenings before each sale consist of lemonade prep, and friends are invited to help sell during the day.

“My kids are learning so much from their little business,” says Sacha. “They are learning the basics of what it takes to be an entrepreneur, working on their math and social skills, as well as the idea of supply and demand.”

Sacha also encouraged the kids to donate 100% of their profit to charity.

“We believe strongly in the idea that kids need to give back to their own community and that even children have the ability to make a difference.”

Cruz had previously donated his birthday money to Canuck Place, and had a great experience donating.

“Whenever the kids bring a donation to the house they are made to feel important and like their donation really makes a difference,” says Sacha. “They love going to the house and always feel welcome there.”

Kidsilano Lemonade was invited to the Canuck Place Best Day Ever Blanket Fort in May where they made $200 while meeting some rather unusual customers – like FIN and Spider-man!

Want to try the lemonade for yourself? Follow @kidsilanolemonade on Instagram to see where they’ll be set up next!

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