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Best Day Ever: This Is Living in the Moment

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Whether we’re trying to find calm in yoga class or about to strike off on a big adventure, we often try to “live in the moment.” But, it’s easier said than done.

Today, take a lesson from extraordinary Canuck Place kids who live live to the fullest while participating in Canuck Place activities and family outings, knowing these “Best Days” will create cherished memories.

Canuck Place recreational therapist, Gillian Lagambina, believes our children and families should have the opportunity to live life to the fullest no matter where they are in their journey.  The Recreation Team works very hard to organize activities, outings and camps that give kids and their families moments of great joy.

Whether Canuck Place kids are on a ski outing to Whistler or taking part on trip to the local park, Gillian thinks a lot about how outings create special memories.

Recently, a Canuck Place teen camp went on helicopter rides. “Entering the hangar at SKY Helicopters in Pitt Meadows was like being in a James Bond film,” she says.

Gillian and her colleagues ensured each teen and family member had the chance to go for a ride.  For some of the teens, transferring from their wheelchair into the heliciopter seat seemed impossible but the Recreation Team offered support and safely transferred the teens. The smiles when landing said it all.

“Everyone was so excited! The families, the parents, the siblings… No one had ever done this before. It was the best day ever and something they’ll never forget.”

But, not every recreational therapy outing is an adventurous affair. One of Gillian’s favourite memories is of an afternoon at a beachside playground.

One of the young boys on the Canuck Place program used a wheelchair for mobility. Knowing how much he liked big movements and the family was always open to trying new things, Gillian and her colleagues transferred him onto the playground disc swing and got him comfortable. Then, his grandma got on the swing too!

“We started pushing them and he just lit up. He was smiling so big and so happy and grandma could not stop laughing! They were hugging. It was a beautiful day and they were swinging just like any other child would, having so much fun at the park on a swing. That was really a best day ever and it’s an important memory for this family now, too,” said Gillian.

Gillian feels great happiness when she sees Canuck Place families joyful and having new experiences. “Just the joy of it is pretty wonderful to be a part of and to witness. It’s great, I love it. I never want to stop doing it.”

What can you do today to create a joyful experience for someone you love? How can you help them live in the moment?

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