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Best Days are Every Day for Dr. Hal Siden

Canuck Place Care, Extraordinary People |

Canuck Place Medical Director, Dr. Hal Siden has been at Canuck Place for 18 years, but he still considers his Best Day Ever at Canuck Place to be every single day.

“Every day that I come here I know there’s an opportunity to see a best day ever in someone’s life,” he says. “I get to witness so many interesting great, wonderful, small and big things going on. It may be somebody who doesn’t even realize that they’re making a difference in a child’s life or the family’s life.”

Working at Canuck Place gives Dr. Siden an opportunity to see the children and teens he treats when they’re feeling their best, given their condition, rather than just at their worst, as he often sees in a hospital.

“Every day is an opportunity for us to make that the Best Day Ever for that child. We get to watch kids in their natural environment. We get to see them alive and playing, or going to school.  At a hospital I only see a child or a teen when they’re unwell. I only get that small slice of their life, and at Canuck Place I get to see all of their lives played out in a different way.”

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for me as a clinician to see all the ways in which people are living their lives, getting better, even in the face of illness, surviving and thriving. It is a wonderful opportunity to be a part of that and to make a difference too. That gives me great satisfaction.”

Dr. Siden is often accompanied on his rounds by a special teammate who often creates Best Days Ever herself – Poppy the therapy dog. When his daughters were young, they dubbed Poppy the “Best Dog Ever”, a moniker that he fully supports.

“I always thought the Best Dog Ever should work at the place where there’s Best Days Ever, and that’s Poppy.”

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