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Caitlin Veuger: Giving Good Energy Back to the World

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The act of giving to others in kindness, or love, or support, is an incredibly selfless action that we are always grateful for. It infuses the world with a little more good energy, which is something the world can always use.

This is a spotlight on Caitlin Veuger, one of our Team Canuck Place fundraisers whose brother, Matthew, received care at Canuck Place before passing away in 2011.

Since then, 10-year-old Caitlin has given her support to Canuck Place in honour of her brother. This past September, Caitlin participated in the Canuck Place Adventure Race for the fifth time with her team, Memories of Matthew.

“Canuck Place gave her precious time with her brother and made her feel supported, included and understood during his life and after he died,” said Cynthia Veuger, Caitlin’s mom. “Being able to do the race and raise funds is very important to her and allows her to honour her brother at the same time.”

Sporting a broken toe but a big smile, Caitlin crossed the finish line with her best friends and Memories of Matthew-teammates, Kiyana and Nevaeh Aguilera, by her side. What better way to spend a summer day?

To fundraise for the Adventure Race, Caitlin wrote letters about her own story with Canuck Place, sold lemonade and baked goods, and sold handmade bracelets. With her friends, family, and a community rallied behind her, she ended up being not only the top kid-fundraiser for the Adventure Race in 2015, but the top fundraiser overall!

When asked about why she returns to the Adventure Race year after year, she said, “because Canuck Place is so special to me and what they do is so important! I want to give back to them so that they can help more families.”

Over the years, Caitlin has raised over $20,000 for Canuck Place, and her accomplishments are not going unnoticed. She was recently recognized by Canucks defenceman, Dan Hamhuis as a Hammer’s Hero in an arena full of people at the Vancouver Canucks game on November 2!

But there are no bigger fans of Caitlin than her own parents. Cynthia expressed her pride in her daughter saying, “Seeing her dedicate her time to make bracelets and bake to raise money makes us both really proud of her and I know her brother would be proud of her too.”

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