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Best Days Ever: Camara’s Calling

Canuck Place Care, Canuck Place Families |

All of us have been cared for by a nurse, even if it was just that one time when, as a tree-climbing 10-year-old, you needed stitches. Whatever the circumstance, a nurse’s care is deeply reassuring.

For more than 20 years, Camara Van Breeman’s superpower has been making Canuck Place kids and families feel comforted and safe. Working as a palliative care Nurse Practitioner isn’t easy but Camara is bouyed by a true calling to relieve suffering.

“When I’m able to be with someone in their suffering and then change that, well, it’s pretty awesome,” she says.

As an in-home care nurse, Camara gets to know Canuck Place families intimately. On home visits she assesses symptoms, prescribes medications and works with families on a care plan to optimize her young patients’ health and comfort. She supports families across the province over the phone and by flying into communities like Kelowna or Vernon to visit them.

“The opportunity I have to visit people in their homes across the province is a gift,” she says. “I love knocking on the door, being welcomed in, holding their child and talking not only about the things that aren’t going well, but about the gifts they have.”

After more than two decades walking alongside Canuck Place families, many of whom have lost children, Camara continues to see each day as a gift.

“It still surprises me, when I walk up the path in the morning or leave at night, that I get to work in this incredible organization. It’s a very special place and just entering the space is still magical for me.”

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