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Gingerbread Replica of Canuck Place

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Canuck Place underwent a minor holiday renovation today. The latest extension to the hospice was constructed not with timber and drywall, but gingerbread, tic tacs, and bubblegum. With roughly ten pounds of gingerbread cookie dough and over 50 hours of his spare time, local Canuck fan Bruce Ng was able to create a stunningly accurate replica of the Shaughnessy manor house Canuck Place Children’s Hospice calls home.

According to his personal website, since receiving The Gingerbread Architect as a Christmas present, building elaborate gingerbread buildings has become something of a holiday tradition for him. Last year, Bruce constructed a gingerbread replica of an urban brownstone apartment building. When that proved to be too straightforward for him, he decided try something more ambitious for this year’s project.

With its curving walls and domed rooves, Canuck Place provided Bruce with an ample challenge and put his creative baking and decorating skills to the test. Using soup cans and his children’s Lego bricks as cookie moulds, he was able to recreate some of the building’s signature features. Substituting fondant for siding, strips of bubble tape for shingles, and coloured rice crispy squares and coconut flakes for landscaping, Bruce’s rendition of the hospice is truly impressive. At least it will be until the kids of Canuck Place get their hands on this wholly edible piece of baking genius.

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For more information, check out the Bruce Ng’s personal website.

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