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Quilts for Canuck Place Kids

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Each year, a group of dedicated Canucks fans gets together to help the kids at Canuck Place through their shared passion – making quilts.

This year marks the third year that Valerie and Joan, the sisters behind Maple Leaf Quilters, have held their “Believe in Blue” quilting campaign, which sees the ladies rally their friends to make quilts for the children and families at Canuck Place. Valerie and Joan recently paid a visit to the hospice to deliver the quilts, all emblazoned with the colours of their favourite hockey team and decorated with the numbers of the players.

It all started with the Canucks’ nearly successful run for the Stanley Cup in 2011.  “As an avid fan of the Canucks it’s hard not to know about Canuck Place and the other charities supported through the Canucks for Kids Fund,” says Valerie. “Caught up in the excitement of the Canucks run for the cup in 2011, the idea of making one quilt for every win came to me. We had 11 quilters make 17 quilts. Our goal was for 16 quilts for 16 wins but somehow we managed to get two more quilts than wins.”

And so with each year’s run for the cup, the group continues to produce handmade quilts for the kids at Canuck Place. Even though the sixteenth playoff victory has proven elusive for the Canucks, the ladies made sure that sixteen quilts were made in 2012, and again for this year’s campaign.

“There is just something about Canuck Place. It feels right,” Valerie said.  “I know how important it is for family to have calm, competent care for their loved ones – to know there is somewhere they can go for that extra support needed. Anything that can be done for a child to bring any amount of comfort is a worthy cause to support.”

The quilts the group has made over the past three years have been enormously well received, and have brought a great deal of comfort to the children staying at Canuck Place. According to Valerie, the group has no plans to slow their “Believe in Blue” quilting campaign, and is already looking forward to next year.

Thank you Maple Leaf Quilters!


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