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Canuck Place Clinical Team: Fierce Minds, Brave Spirits

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The clinical team at Canuck Place is made up of kind hearts, fierce minds, and brave spirits. In the center of the clinical care team are the incredible nurses of Canuck Place.

“My job as a nurse at Canuck Place is to be in the presence of a dying child and their family in a way that provides calmness and humanity, and to use my clinical expertise and skill to support the child to feel as safe and as symptom-free as possible.”

The role of a Canuck Place nurse is a unique one. Not only are they experts in pediatric palliative care, constantly accepting new challenges to make a child’s life better, but they also build strong, trusting relationships with entire families at Canuck Place.

“I think that our services are unmatched here in BC,” said Unit Clerk, Debra Martin. “Our staff is so strong, not only in their knowledge of palliative care, but also in their ability to show compassion and empathy. Their support is what allows for Canuck Place to be a place for families to be together, through all stages of their child’s journey.”

“We build trusting relationships from the first time we meet,” explained RN, Brenda Dewar. “This relationship could develop over a few hours, or last for years, depending on where the child is at on their life journey.”

Building relationships with the entire family allows the Canuck Place clinical team to better care for both the medical and the emotional needs of children and families staying in the house.

“I believe that a big part of the success of Canuck Place is that the work we do with children and families allows them to feel safe and supported and cared for within a warm non-clinical environment,” said Brenda.

“Canuck Place plays an enormous role in allowing families to be together as a whole during the most difficult time of their lives,” continued Debra. “By taking care of their child’s medical needs, families can get some much needed rest and just enjoy simply being with their child. This gives families the strength to cope with the hand that life has dealt them.”

You can support the Canuck Place clinical team by donating to Light a Life.

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