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Canuck Place Honours Volunteers

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Canuck Place Honours Volunteers

Volunteers aren’t paid, because they are priceless! Since Canuck Place first opened in 1995, it has been sustained by a volunteer team of over 300 people who prepare food, maintain the house and grounds, work in the offices, help out at fundraising events and provide care for the children and families on the Canuck Place program. These volunteers contribute over 23,000 hours of service every year. Needless to say, the work that Canuck Place does would not be possible without this group of volunteers.

For the past seven years, Canuck Place has held an annual Volunteer Appreciation Event. This year’s event was held on Saturday June 22 at the Jericho Sailing Centre in Vancouver. The 75 volunteers in attendance were treated to a gourmet lunch provided by the Canuck Place kitchen before they participated in a scavenger hunt organized by Team Academy. The volunteers were split into 8 teams and worked their way through multiple challenges and obstacles around Jericho Beach Park, answering skill testing questions along the way.

After the scavenger hunt, individual volunteers were honoured with gifts from Canuck Place for reaching 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000 hours of service. The gifts included Canuck Place branded pins and sweatshirts, as well as handmade artwork from children on the program.

Canuck Place CEO, Margaret McNeil paid tribute to the volunteers at the event. “Canuck Place provides specialized care to children and families in need, and we could not do this without the support of our dedicated volunteers, who have given tens of thousands of hours of their time, energy, and talents in every capacity imaginable. Thank you for helping us build courage.”

Canuck Place would like to thank the Jericho Sailing Centre and Team Academy for providing a unique venue and an exciting way to celebrate the achievements of its volunteers.

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Below is a list of the volunteers who were recognized at the event, and the gifts they received.

1000+ Hours: (CP Madonna gold engraved pin)

• Nita Wardlow – Family Volunteer (1127 hours)
• Bruce Bried – Garden Volunteer/Driver (1153 hours)
• Bruce Metzler – Family Volunteer (1105 hours)
• Pearl Fisch – Family & Reception Volunteer (1117 hours)
• Susan Geddes – Reception Volunteer (1048 hours)

2000+ Hours: (CP Embroidery branded sweatshirt, donated by Iron Mountain)

• Joyce Burrett – Garden Volunteer (2500 hours)
• Chin Mei Ng – Kitchen Volunteer (2783 hours)
• Jackie Plester – Decorating Committee Volunteer (2245 hours)
• Orrin Webber – Family Volunteer (2084 hours)

3000+ Hours: (CP Child artwork – Hand print travel mug

• Brad Skeats – Family Volunteer (2963 hours)
• Barbara Sutherland – Reception Volunteer (3004 hours)

4000+ Hours: (CP Child artwork – Native design by transitioned teen etched on vase)

• Valerie Cooper – Garden Volunteer (4145 hours)

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