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Clunker for Charity

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Scott Keast planned on buying a himself a brand new sports car in 2013, good-naturedly referring to it as his mid-life crisis mobile. Before Scott made the purchase however, he had a change of heart. Scott and his family are now in the midst of donating the money he had set aside for his car to a number of charities, including Canuck Place.

Still in need of a set of wheels, Scott found himself a $500 beater instead of his dream car. He described some highlights of his new ride: keyless entry (locks don’t work), quiet drive (stereo doesn’t work), stress free driving (horn doesn’t work) and no worry paint finish (already dented, dinged and scratched).   Best feature: Cash flow directed to charity.


The Keast family recently stopped by the Canuck Place offices in person to drop off their latest donation, a very generous gift of $5,000! His kids joined in on the giving spirit too, each selecting a new toy to donate to children at Canuck Place.

The Keast family would love to see someone else inspired by Scott’s story to give up an indulgence of their own, and support a charity with their savings. It could be something as small as swapping your daily coffee for home brew every morning.

If you’re making a similar pledge, or know someone who has, we want to hear about it. Contact [email protected] to share.

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