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Courage Lives with Canuck Place Families

Canuck Place Families |

Courage lives at Canuck Place.

It lives in the minds of parents, who suddenly become experts in rare diseases they could barely pronounce months earlier.

It lives in the spirits of siblings, going to school upstairs and happily drawing pictures to show their brother or sister, being taken care of one floor below.

But most of all, it lives in the hearts of the children receiving care at Canuck Place. The years in their life may be limited, but Canuck Place helps them make the most of the life in their years.

Six year-old Isla Ransom regularly stays at Canuck Place with her family.  She was born with a genetic condition called Trisomy 18. She requires around the clock specialized care for all of her basic needs.

“Isla receives care for all of her medical needs while staying at Canuck Place,” explains mom, Karrie. “Above and beyond this she is treated with love and compassion. The staff and volunteers are amazing and always go out of their way to provide a welcoming and stimulating environment for Isla.”

A respite stay at Canuck Place means more than just top-notch medical care for Isla. It allows the whole family to relax, and for Karrie and Dan to catch up on sleep. It’s a place where Karrie’s other children, 3 year-old Emie, and 9 year-old Oden, can have the undivided attention of a volunteer to play with, and where they can make friends with someone their own age, who understands the challenges that come with having a sibling who’s sick.

“Respite for us means that we can enjoy some one-on-one time with our other children,” said Karrie. “We often try to go out to a restaurant or a show while in Vancouver, as it’s not always easy to do those types of activities with Isla.”

You can support families like their by donating to Light a Life with Canuck Place.

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