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Emily’s Eppic Swim Across the English Channel

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16 year-old Canuck Place sibling Emily Epp of Kelowna is preparing to swim the English Channel this July in support of Canuck Place and in honour of her younger sister, Elan.

Inspired by her sister’s courage and her coach Brent Hobbs, who swam the channel in 2008, Emily will be one of the youngest individuals to complete the 40 km swim.

“I’m excited. I’m really excited,” Emily told Global BC. “There’s less people that do this swim than even climb Mount Everest.”

Emily’s sister Elan had been suffering for years with severe pain, vomiting 15-20 times a day. After being admitted to Canuck Place in 2012 the whole family’s life changed. Their mother Cheryl recalls the impact Canuck Place care had from early on.

“The Canuck Place clinical team recommended treatment that Elan had never had before,” says Cheryl. ” Within months of our first stay, Elan stopped vomiting! Seeing her smile, laugh, play with her sisters, and finally sleep soundly after years of suffering is something I don’t know how to describe with words.”

Now Elan loves music and being around people, especially other children. She gets really excited when others interact with her and she will laugh at almost anything.

Canuck Place medical respite care and pain and symptom management changes lives. Not only does it provide comfort and relief for a suffering child but it also benefits the family who loves them.

“We will be forever grateful to the staff at Canuck Place for giving us back our sweet, giggly Elan and mostly for giving us hope for the future.”

Emily wants to raise $4,000 for Canuck Place, to support complex care for children just like her sister.

You can support Emily’s “Eppic” Swim by donating to her fundraising page.


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