Mindful Memories: Holiday Grief

During the Holidays; life, time and space change.  It brings added tasks, expectations and opportunities with family and friends. With this added business through the holiday season it can further challenge a grieving family as they attempt to contemplate and hold the festivities with their loss and pain.  There is no one right way to face the holidays. Through the month of December the counseling team will be sending out a weekly communication with a focus on mindfulness, family and compassion.  We invite you to consider this information and ideas as suggestions of support to you and your family through the holiday season.

Mindfulness rituals

We cannot see our reflection in running water.

It is only in still water that we can see.

Creating Your Own Rituals

Non-Violent Communication Processes

Self-Reflection Resources

Come back each Thursday in December for more from the Canuck Place counselling team.

Previous Themes


I ask you to try to understand

That time of season

Does not change the pain

I want to smile and laugh

To enjoy the holiday cheer

But sometimes I just need

The space to shed some tears


Grieving Expectations

Manage Holiday Expectations

How to Help Yourself Through the Holidays

Video: Signs of Holiday Stress

The holidays can be a source of stress for anyone, so we spoke with Dr. Mark Lau (Ph.D., R.Psych.), who talked about dealing with “shoulds”.

It is OK to Chane Everything (A Poem for Expectations)

It is Ok to change everything

It is Ok to change nothing.


It is Ok to say no

It is Ok to say yes


It is Ok to shop

It is Ok to not


It is Ok to celebrate

It is Ok to hide


It is Ok to remember

It is Ok to honor


It is Ok to hurt

It is Ok to laugh


It will be Ok

Just Breathe


Tanya Lord, 2013


grief and family

Family:  Two or more people who share goals, values and experiences that have a commitment and significant relationship to one another. 

Mindfulness as a Family

Mindful Parenting Tenants

Mindful Parenting Resources


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