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Please see all clinical/healthcare-related questions and answers below.

How do you refer a child?


To use this service, please contact the Canuck Place Intake coordinator:
Phone: 604-731-4847
Email: [email protected]


For urgent or end-of-life referrals or inquiries please page the Palliative Care Physician on call at 604-875-2161.​​

What training or education does Canuck Place provide?

Currently Canuck Place is offering the following educational training:

For training session inquires and dates, contact [email protected].

For more information around the Serious Illness Conversation Guide, please visit Ariadne Labs and BC Center for Palliative Care. 



How does a family book one of the four family suites available?

A family may “request” a family suite when their child is admitted to the hospice for a stay. Higher priority for family suites is given to families with children staying for pain and symptom management issues and end-of-life care. The suites can accommodate 4-6 people, depending on which suite is available.

What is the average stay for children for family support and respite care?

We offer families 20 nights of respite per year and these can be booked anywhere from two to seven nights in length.

On average, Canuck Place has eight family members in house per day.

How many children do you have in the house each day?

Canuck Place has five to six children on average in hospice for care each day.

Does Canuck Place offer any specific activities / programs for adolescents?

Programs in house are the same for all children with access to all members of the interdisciplinary team. We do have teen specific programs called “Teen Group.”

There are separate girls and boys teen groups held once a year with a follow-up reunion weekend. The focus is on teen issues as well as grief and loss issues related to living with a progressive life threatening illness.

Canuck Place also offers two respite camps each year – typically one for children and one for teens. The camps are four to five days in duration, take place at a wheelchair accessible site outside of Vancouver and are coordinated and staffed by the Canuck Place clinical team and volunteers.

Do you have any specific outdoor equipment for children with disabilities?

Our hospices have an accessible outdoor playground for children with disabilities – a popular feature is the wheelchair accessible spinning round-about.

How many meals does the Canuck Place kitchen serve every day?

We serve approximately 50+ meals per day to children, family members, staff and volunteers. We have a modified commercial kitchen with industrial appliances.

Is there parking at Canuck Place?

Canuck Place – Vancouver

Families, visitors, and staff are required to park on the street. Located at the end of the driveway, the six parking spaces are used for the Canuck Place van and bus, service vehicles, family loading/unloading and night-time staff parking.

Canuck Place – Dave Lede House – Abbotsford

At our Abbotsford location, there is limited underground parking.

What does it look like inside Canuck Place Children's Hospice?

Both hospices are built with a family’s comfort in mind. Take a virtual tour of each hospice here.





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