Door to Door Fundraising


Our partner, F2F Direct Consulting Ltd., is a committed group of fundraising representatives who will be knocking on doors and canvassing public areas in selected BC communities.

They will be introducing Canuck Place care, its incredible impact, and requesting your support.

The communities in which our teams are currently active include:

  • Metro Vancouver: West Point Grey and Point Grey
  • Surrey/Tri-Cities:  Langley – Walnut Grove, Burnaby – Douglas Park
  • North Vancouver – Stongs Market Northwoods




Meet our Fundraisers

Metro Vancouver Team


Greater Victoria Team

Surrey/ Tri-Cities 

How do I know a fundraiser is legitimate?

Educating our donors on identifying our fundraisers as legitimate is very important to us. When a fundraiser knocks on your door or approaches you in a public area, please check to ensure they have identification badges and branded attire, which includes a white jacket and green shirt. Also, our fundraisers will have an iPad featuring photos and videos from Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.

Do you accept cash gifts?

No, we do not accept cash or coin gifts at the door or on the street. This helps protect both the donor and fundraiser. If you wish to make a monthly gift, our fundraisers will only accept credit card or automated direct debit payments.

What are your fundraising hours?

Our fundraisers will be actively visiting homes between midday and 9 PM.

F2F Direct Consulting

Need more information. Contact Regan by email here.