Thank you for your interest in raising funds to support Canuck Place children and families. Here are some common fundraising questions and answers below.

Where to start

I have an idea for a fundraiser. Where should I start?

We’re here to help you get started! Step one is to register your fundraiser with us so we can offer you our support as you turn your idea into action.

Send us an email and let us know you’re ready to get started.

Need some more ideas? We have online resources too:

  • Are you collecting donations in honour or in memory of a loved one? Fundraise in Honour
  • Do you want to get your workplace involved? Our Corporate Giving page has some great resources on cause marketing, employee giving and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Does your school or classroom want to get involved? Fundraise with your School

Check out our  Community Fundraising Guide for tips and resources to help you be successful.

Do I need to create an online fundraising page?

The short answer is, no. You can host a fundraiser for Canuck Place on your own terms! We would love to hear about your fundraiser beforehand so we can offer our support.

If you would like to create an online fundraising page, we’re here to help! We have an online peer-to-peer fundraising platform that will help you collect funds and support Canuck Place.

Send us an email for more information.

How can Canuck Place support my fundraiser?

What promotional materials are available for my fundraiser?

We have a limited inventory of promotional materials but once your fundraiser is registered with us, we can discuss what materials are available that will help you with your fundaising.

Can Canuck Place help promote my event or fundraiser?

We’re eager to help you celebrate your fundraiser to the best of our abilities.

Social media is a great way to engage with us so tag @CanuckPlace to highlight your fundraiser and we’ll do our best to connect with you.

Can I use the Canuck Place logo on my own materials?

Once you’ve registered your fundraiser with us, we’re happy to share special branding with you to support your fundraising for Canuck Place children and families.

Can someone from Canuck Place attend my event?

If you would like to request to have a Canuck Place staff or ambassador at your event, please let us know at least six weeks in advance. Due to the large volume, we are unable to fulfill every request.

We will do our best to have a representative attend if it’s possible so send us an email to get the conversation started.

Can you help me get Canuck players, alumni or celebrities to attend my event?

The Vancouver Canucks, through the Canucks for Kids Fund (CFKF) are a major donor to Canuck Place. We cannot provide players, alumni or Fin the mascot for events as generously give their time to participate in CFKF events to raise funds for Canuck Place.

Can I meet and visit with the kids at the Hospice?

Our priority is always the care and privacy of the children and families on our program.

For this reason, we have to limit outside visitors of the Hospice for the protection of children with complex medical conditions.

Can I give my donation (cards, gift certificates, toys) directly to the children at the Hospice?

Unfortunately, we are unable to coordinate gifts being given to the children and families who are in our Hospice. We would be happy to help you find another way to show your support.

Your online fundraising page

How do I set up my Fundraising Page?

Creating an online fundraising page is easy!  Once you have selected the type of fundraiser from our Get Involved page, simply click on the “register” button to begin creating your page.  You will be asked for basic information including your name and address along with information about your fundraiser.

Once you have registered in our system, your page can be customized with stories, photos and information about your fundraiser.  This page can be kept public or made private – depending on your preferences.

Feeling stuck? Just send us an email and we can help.

I forgot my password - how do I get a new one?

You can reset your password by clicking on the “login” tab on the top right corner of the screen and then click on “Forgot Password” to update your information.


How are tax receipts issued to online donors?

Electronic tax receipts are issued immediately for online donors to the email address provided when making your gift.  If you find an error on your receipt or need a duplicate, contact us here.

Donations and tax receipts

How do I submit my donations to Canuck Place?

Donations made through your online fundraising page are received by Canuck Place immediately.

If you have collected cash or cheque donations, they can be dropped off in person to Canuck Place Children’s Hospice or you can mail in your donations (please do not mail cash) to:

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice
1690 Matthews Ave
Vancouver, BC V6J 2T2

Please ensure cheques are made payable to Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.

Tax receipts will be issued under the Canada Revenue Agency Guidelines in relation to third-party community fundraisers.  For further information please see below.

How do I get tax receipts for the donations collected at my event?

Donors who make their gifts through your online fundraising page will automatically receive an electronic tax receipt.

If you collect cash and cheque donations from your fundraiser, you can submit them, along with our Donation Remittal Form to:

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice
1690 Matthews Ave
Vancouver, BC V6J 2T2.

Please ensure you have complete donation amounts, full names, addresses and telephone numbers for donors who require tax receipts.

We cannot issue a tax receipt to you the event organizer, for public donations collected at your fundraiser.  As per Canada Revenue Agency Guidelines, Canuck Place’s responsibility is to ensure that official donation receipts are only issued to donors for the eligible amount of the gift. This means organizers of an event cannot claim a tax receipt for donations made by the public because the organizers are not the original donor. Only the original donors can claim a tax receipt.

Can I deduct my expenses from the funds raised?

Event expenses may not be deducted from tax-receiptable donations.

All donations requiring a tax receipt must be received in full by Canuck Place. Canuck Place will not reimburse you for any expenses incurred; all financial control is the responsibility of the event organizer. Canuck Place is dedicated to being fiscally responsible and we recommend that your event expenses not exceed 20 per cent of the total event revenue.

How do I get another copy of a tax receipt?

If you haven’t received your tax receipt, or if you need a duplicate copy issued, please contact [email protected]

What is your Charitable Registration number?

Our charitable registration #13386 7523 RR0001.