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Four Legs and Unconditional Love

Canuck Place Care |

Meet Poppy. Poppy is a highly-trained and experienced therapy companion at Canuck Place. She is an eight year-old Golden Retriever trained by Pacific Assistance Dogs (PADs) to support Canuck Place children and families on their journeys.

“Poppy is an integral member of our clinical team,” said Dr. Hal Siden, Canuck Place Medical Director. “Her presence in the hospice provides comfort to kids and families, helps to break down barriers and facilitates healing. Most people Poppy meets are under a great deal of stress and her furry presence helps to temporarily ease that burden.”

Poppy often accompanies families on outings, partakes in group counselling sessions and spends one-on-one time with any of the children or families when they need some companionship.

Poppy’s outgoing personality makes her “paws down” the most popular team member at the hospice. With her tail wagging and a great big smile on her face, she really knows how to light up a room.

You may assume that her impact with Canuck Place children would be the most obvious but she really does touch everyone she is around, including Canuck Place staff and volunteers. Her warm companionship provides comfort and healing to all of our team members, especially during the more difficult days.

Of course, Poppy also needs some time to relax. She spends her free time running around the garden or rolling around in the grass, but her favourite thing to do is eat.

Thank you Poppy, for being an important and very special member of the Canuck Place team.

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