The Friends of Gift of Time Fund allows Gift of Time supporters to donate to the event directly. These funds contribute to the overall fundraising success of the event and benefit Canuck Place children and families.

All gifts are eligible for a tax receipt and donations of $1,000+ made by 5pm on Friday, September 25 will receive the following:

  • Name recognition on a digital slide during the Gift of Time live virtual event
  • Name recognition in event thank you ad in Globe and Mail under ‘Friends of Gift of Time

How your gift helps:

$250 Helps support the purchase of items for play therapy.

This is important for a child to self-explore and built trust in their surrounding and our counsellors and allow them to set aside physical, emotional and mental barriers to fully express themselves.

$500 Helps make a difference supporting vital communication to families through an expert translator

Our patient base reflects the diversity of our province, and when critical and complex medical information needs to be communicated with families- we want to ensure families have what they need to understand everything they need to know about the child they love.

$1,000 Could support programs like the on-call nursing at Canuck Place.

We not only provide support to family staying in hospice but we also care for families beyond the walls of our inpatient care. The clinical outpatient program includes a 24-hour helpline for families and caregivers.

$1,500 Helps support funding for clinical care like a respiratory therapist.

Half of the children in paediatric palliative care have complex respiratory complications and are tracheostomy or ventilator/BIPAP dependent to help the child mechanically breathe. The Canuck Place respiratory therapist is a key contributor to the paediatric palliative team in diagnosis, treatment, management and care of patients with cardiopulmonary and respiratory disorders.

$2,000 Helps support our volunteer program

Over 400 strong hearts and hands are the backbone of paediatric palliative care. Canuck Place volunteers contribute over 24,000 hours each year- and they are the spirit of compassion and care which define Canuck Place.

$2,500 Could make a difference for families who face unimaginable circumstances.

What many the families we care for need is period breaks from the non-stop physical and emotional responsibility that comes with having a child with a complex condition or illness. Each family on our program is provided with 20+ days of medical respite per year. The child is cared for on our clinical floor by expert nurses and physicians and the family takes a rest on our family floor.

$5,000 Could support 24-hour specialized paediatric nursing care.

Canuck Place provides care when and where children and families need it most, whether that is the hospice, in their own home or through the 24/7 clinical care line that serves families wherever they are in the province.

$10,000 Ensures our cooks provide meals for children and their parents and siblings while they are in hospice.

To our little patients and their families, the fresh food we prepare daily in our kitchen not only serves as nourishment for the body, but comfort for the soul. Our staff and volunteers lovingly prepare meals with the knowledge that they are providing sustenance during times of uncertainty and warmth amidst exhaustion felt by parents.

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