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Heart of Adventure: Memories of Matthew

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Canuck Place families are some of our most enthusiastic Adventure Race supporters. They know first-hand the importance of the funds raised at the event, and the Adventure Race provides an opportunity to have fun, and support the community that supports them.

Family team, Memories of Matthew, is back for their 7th year at the Adventure Race, sometimes running as a family, and sometimes bringing in friends. Two years ago, then 10-year-old Caitlin even completed the kids course with a broken toe.

For Caitlin, living with an adventurous heart simply means having fun and trying her best.

The team is named in honour of her brother Matthew, who passed away in 2011 after receiving care at Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.

“We went as a family to watch the race in 2010,” says mom, Cynthia, joining the race for her third time. “Matthew thought the race looked like a lot of fun and we all agreed. We had decided then that we would sign up the following year.  Matthew passed away before the next race but we wanted to do it in his memory and we knew he would have loved being a part of it.”

For Cynthia, wearing a shirt in memory of Matthew and seeing the people she cares about from Canuck Place is her favourite part of the day.

“We continue to come back because we will always be grateful for what Canuck Place has done for us,” she explains. “And because we are honouring our son at the same time. Matthew loved life and having fun and he would have loved being a part of the Adventure Race.”

Eleven year old Cailtlin plays a number of sports all year long, including field hockey, track and field, cross country, and mountain biking. This year she’s making the jump to the adult course, taking on the 6 km run, 15 km bike ride, and larger obstacle course alongside her mom.

“I’m a bit nervous because it’s a big jump from the kid’s race,” she says.  “But I’m really excited for the challenge.”

Caitlin has teamed up with her mom for this year’s race. The family regularly skis and hikes together, all a part of what Cynthia considers living with an adventurous heart means to her.

“It means getting outside and trying new things,” says Cynthia. “Living life to the fullest and being grateful for the things we can do that others aren’t able to.”

You can live life to the fullest and join Caitlin and Cynthia at the Canuck Place Adventure Race by registering today.



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