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David Coles donates proceeds from hit song

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How the West Was One Songwriter, David Coles donates proceeds to Canuck Place

David Coles is a life-long Canucks fan. While in his car on the ferry from Nanaimo to Vancouver, he penned a little ditty called “How the West Was One.” The song was written, recorded, engineered, produced and mastered in 24 hours, in a friend’s basement, with the goal (pun intended!) to get the song played on radio station Team 1040. Mission accomplished – and then some. The Canucks heard it and invited Cole (also known as Kyprios), 30, to perform it live before Game 5 against the Blackhawks. Sitting in the stands before Game 7 of that series with his fiancée (the seats were a wedding gift from a friend), Kyprios got the surprise of his life: the Canucks had created a video montage to his song, including footage from his Game 5 performance. “My fiancée jumped up on the seat,” he says. “My night was amazing from there. Just amazing. We were both elated. It was crazy.” It almost – but not quite – trumped Alex Burrows’ overtime goal.

Kyprios and his bandmates, Rob the Viking and Kevin Coles, initially offered the song as a free download and then on ITunes, with proceeds going to Canuck Place.  “it was never our intention to profit from our mutual love of the Canucks,” Kyprios said. “Being huge fans of the team, the logical charity we had in mind was Canuck Place.”  The total contribution from this little band that could is an amazing $1,579.00!  THANK YOU!

Check out Kyprios’ song below!

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