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Jenna’s Birthday Gift

Canuck Place Care, Canuck Place Families |

Jenna is a Canuck Place teen who has a unique connection to the hospice. At five months old she was diagnosed with a metabolic disorder which prevents her body from processing certain proteins and lipids properly. Canuck Place was there to welcome her into the program so she could access the complex care she needs.

However this wasn’t her family’s first experience with the hospice. Jenna’s older sister Lauren used to be on the program too and has since passed away. The family recalls the special time they spent at the hospice together simply savouring the time they had.

“Canuck Place gave us the gift of time with our daughter Lauren when she was dying,” said mother Aubrey. “If we did not have Canuck Place during that period, we would not be where we are today. We appreciate every precious moment they made possible.”

Jenna decided she wanted to give back to Canuck Place, to support an organization who has been there with compassion and care for her whole family. For her 18th birthday, Jenna’s family hosted a Debutante Ball and she was able to experience the joy of being a princess for a night. Creating a night of sparkle and celebration was important for the family to celebrate such a wonderful milestone. In lieu of gifts, Jenna generously asked guests to donate to Canuck Place and raised over $9,500!

We’re so proud of her strength and giving spirit and want to share a huge THANK YOU.

You can support Canuck Place by pledging your birthday too! Learn more.

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