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Karim’s Legacy of Love

Canuck Place Care, Canuck Place Families |

In 2011 Karim was admitted to Canuck Place for what was supposed to be a brief stay to help manage the pain related to his metastatic cancer. It ended up being a two month stay, the final two months of his life.

“As sad as it was, our stay at Canuck Place provided two of the most special months we could imagine,” said dad, Eric. “It was that rare opportunity to live in the moment.

“All the staff were amazing, and Karim developed special relationships with many of them. Karim’s time at Canuck Place was mostly very happy, with many wonderful memories, whether it was baking cookies and making pizza in the kitchen with the chefs, helping at the reception desk, spending time with Poppy the therapy dog, attending a special preschool program set up for him by the Recreation Therapists and volunteers, or sitting at the kids’ counter reading a book or eating dinner with the nurses.”

“If it weren’t for supporters like you and the special service that Canuck Place provides, Karim would have had to spend his last two months confined to a bed in an Intensive Care Unit,” said mom Farah.

“But it wasn’t only Karim that Canuck Place took care of. They also cared for our whole family. Counsellors and social workers were always available whenever we needed to talk. And what is truly wonderful is that they continue to support us, even now that Karim is no longer here. We are very grateful to everyone at Canuck Place for all they have done and continue to do for us and for so many children and families – they really do bring light into our lives.”

The family stays connected to Canuck Place and honours Karim with annual fundraising that benefits Canuck Place. This support continues Karim’s legacy of love by helping children just like him.

“It is a privilege to be donors to Canuck Place because we know that the services our gifts provide are so important,” said  Farah. “Our family and friends know how much Canuck Place means to us so they can also support Canuck Place. This way we can all honour Karim and this remarkable organization.”


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