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Here. Learning from families living with courage

Canuck Place Care, Canuck Place Families |

Canuck Place Spiritual Care Counsellor, Eric Stephanson recently retiring after 20 years of service to Canuck Place families. Before he left, he shared lessons he learned from them.

“The children and families at Canuck Place have taught me deeply about the profound and important value of living with dying.

Each person is unique, special, worthwhile, and each place on their journey holds potential for their continued growth, contribution, participation in the whirling mysterious dance of life and human community.

Countless times I have seen children approaching the end of their lives, over days or weeks, pause in order to care for their parents in some inscrutable way, to wait for them to be able to cope a little better as the child dies.
I have always believed there is more going on in life than we can see or hear. Twenty years at Canuck Place with families have taught me that love is indeed stronger than death.

Something in the relationship between people who love each other actually transcends every other power – even sickness, tragedy, and death. Love offers an intangible, but intensely real, experience beyond our words, of common unity, hearts beating as one, even though death itself may separate us.”

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