Start the Year of the Tiger with generosity for children and families who need it the most.


Canuck Place Children’s Hospice provides the highest quality of care for BC’s sickest kids. We care for the whole family, and provide the chance to make lasting joyful memories together. Your New Year’s gift ensures Canuck Place can care for over 800 children and families in BC, so no moment is missed. Support Canuck Place today and make twice the impact. Donate before Feb 12th and your gift will be generously matched by The Coromandel Foundation.

Canuck Place儿童临终关怀医院为卑诗省身患绝症的孩子们提供最优质的医疗护理,让他们的家庭有机会与孩子们在人生最后的时刻留下宝贵的回忆、乐趣和欢笑。您赠予的新年礼物将确保Canuck Place可以帮助卑诗省超过818名患病儿童和他们的家人珍惜相处的每一寸时光。在2月12日之前进行捐助,Coromandel基金会将慷慨地匹配您所捐赠的善款。


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