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Making Beautiful Music Together at Canuck Place

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Making music with others is Karin Robert’s passion. She’s the music therapist at Canuck Place and loves feeling the deep sense of belonging that comes from singing with a group, especially a group of children.

“When everyone’s happy and engaged and really into it, we forget about any problems we might have. It’s just us together having a good time,” says Karin.

Music offers a non-verbal way for children and families to express themselves, especially when it’s difficult to find the words to talk about anger, sadness or even the joy of living. “We use music for creative expression and for connecting with each other and for releasing difficult emotions,” she says.

In music therapy sessions at Canuck Place, kids can play the drums, the piano, and sing. They often listen to music and move freely to music all around the house. Children and their parents have a chance to make beautiful music together.

“Music provides a non-verbal way of expressing yourself,” explains Karin. “Sometimes it’s hard to find the words to express how you feel, and sometimes through music you can express your anger, sadness, or the joy of living.”

There will be music, of course, at the Canuck Place Best Day Ever Blanket Fort in downtown Vancouver on May 13th, 2017. Karen loves the idea of a giant blanket fort. “A blanket fort is a special space where children can feel safe,” she says. “It represents how children and families feel at Canuck Place.”

How does music lift your spirits and help you express something meaningful and tender to someone you love? Do you have a favourite song? Give yourself a treat today and find a special place to listen to some music.

Music Therapy provides opportunities for Creative Expressions. You can support by donating today.

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