Making Space with Canuck Place

Our lives can often feel overfilled. Especially around the holidays, between regular routines and extra commitments, many find it difficult to create a space for themselves to feel and just be.

Many Canuck Place families experience this sense of being overwhelmed. The Canuck Place counselling team has shared how they support families in making space for themselves, and how you can use the same practices at home

Featured Topics

Empowering Families

The Canuck Place clinical team recognizes the need for families to feel empowered in their own care. Whether it’s listening to parents perspectives on their children, or incorporating  teens into their own care plans, Canuck Place counsellor Andrea explains how she helps families create space for themselves amid a complex health system.

Guided Mindfulness

Join Canuck Place counsellor, Susan Poitras for a guided mindfulness exercise. Use this video to take a mindful break today.

Finding Meaning

Canuck Place Spiritual Counsellor Linda views spirituality in the broadest sense: What gives you meaning and purpose in life. She aims to create a safe and non-judgemental space for families to navigate in.

Building Community

Canuck Place families can feel isolated in the world, but at Canuck Place they form a community with others who are going through similar experiences and can relate. Canuck Place counsellor Susan Poitras explains how building these communities gives families a space to express themselves.

Family Centered Care

Canuck Place counsellor Jessica helps families live in the moment and create space for themselves. She emphasizes the importance for anyone, but especially for caregivers to allow themselves to seek out self-care.

Helping Children Express Themselves

Children express themselves differently than adults. The emotions they experience are real, but they often do not have the words to express them. Canuck Place counsellor Susan Poitras explains how children can use expressive therapies to share and process complex emotions.

Nourishing Yourself

Canuck Place counsellor Jessica explains her perspective on self-care, nourishing from the inside-out and outside-in.

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