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Meet a Canuck Place Supporter: Merideth

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Merideth Schutter was first introduced to Canuck Place when a friend invited her to the Gift of Time Gala, and was immediately struck by the impact Canuck Place has on entire families.

“Canuck Place is the best place to be on the worst day of your life,” she says “It’s the kind of place that allows families to get together to heal, to love, to laugh, to remember and to find joy.”

Since then, she has joined the Gift of Time Gala committee, a dedicated group of women who are vital to the success of the annual event that raised over $1 million in 2016.

“We’re all strong and generous and passionate about this cause and that really gets us all together,” she says. “I love being part of something much greater than myself and really seeing the benefits of the funds we raise and the spirit that everybody involved with Canuck Place brings.”

Supporting Canuck Place has turned into a family affair, with her children raising funds in the annual Canuck Place Adventure Race.

“Having three kids of our own, we’re always grateful and feel very passionate about what Canuck Place does.”

Meredith’s Best Day Ever displays an emotional connection to the mission of Canuck Place.

“Our youngest was born by emergency C-Section,” she explains. “When she was born she was lifeless and it all went wrong. She was resuscitated and today she’s a healthy, beautiful, two year old little girl and she completes our family.

“The best day was lying in the hospital bed, introducing this beautiful, healthy baby girl to her big brother and sister and I often think about that day and that story and it definitely cold have been written much differently. So that is definitely the best day.”

Join Merideth and become a Canuck Place supporter. Donate today and help Canuck Place families.

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