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Meet Dr. Hal and Poppy

Canuck Place Care, Extraordinary People |

As one of the leading specialist in pediatric palliative care, Dr. Hal Siden has been a pillar of support at Canuck Place for 16 years.

His passion to help families and children that he cares for can be seen through his knowledge and understanding of pediatric palliative medicine.

Early in his career, he realized he could help the children he was caring for in a different way.

“I was a physician caring for a lot of kids that I couldn’t cure, but I realized I could still make a difference in their lives. That was really important to me as a doctor.”

With his trusty four-legged friend, Poppy, the dynamic duo can be seen around Canuck Place helping children and families who needs their support.

“Poppy has been a huge asset to our team. I think people always just think she’s a lovely dog, but she’s our four legged form of care, she’s our ambassador, she knows who needs the most care in the room, and always goes to the most distressed person. She’s made a huge difference for us as a member of the team.”

While some days are harder than most, Dr. Hal appreciates the time spent with the children.

“My favourites are the days I can be outside in the back, shooting pucks or baskets with one of the kids, and it just feels like a normal kid on a normal day.”

Thank you Dr. Hal and Poppy for shining your light at Canuck Place.

Dr. Hal and Poppy are featured in the Let Your Light Shine project.

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