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Melodic Memories with Volunteer Alam

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What first brings a volunteer to the steps of Canuck Place? What turns thoughts into action when people give time to assist families at Canuck Place?

Alam is a volunteer whose story started in a high school classroom, where he first organized a student council fundraiser benefiting Canuck Place Children’s Hospice. The fundraiser was completed, the money had been given, but there was still more that Alam wanted to do.

Fast forward and Alam has now been a volunteer at Canuck Place for  eight years.

From the music room to the school room, play time to cookie jar snacks, there are so many possibilities for exciting activities every day. As a family volunteer, Alam accompanies children during all the activities a child lines up for the day.

“There’s days when we’ll be singing at the top of our lungs in the music room, or doing messy messy finger painting, or trying to trap the nurses with water balloons in the garden.”

In his position, Alam leads Peer volunteers and cares for the children alongside the professional care team. Together, everyone works together to enhance the quality of life for Canuck Place children.

There are few who know fun better than volunteers like Alam. Once, he raced down to the Canuck Place music room to help a young girl record a hit pop song. It’s all in an afternoon’s work.

“In the music room we had one little girl with us, she loves to sing. From Hannah Montana, to High School Musical, to everything. We went down to the music room with the music therapist, and we put on Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Call Me Maybe.’ She sang the lead, and we recorded it, and me and another volunteer ended up singing backup vocals to it. The entire afternoon was just fun, we didn’t realize three hours had gone by.”

As a volunteer, Alam is a part of an army of giving hearts at Canuck Place, where every day is made a little bit easier with their cheer and assistance. Their drive to come back every week and share in moments of happiness with families is rooted deep in their innate compassion – and we love how they give.

Alam is featured in the Let Your Light Shine project.

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