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Best Day Ever: It’s Not Normal, But It’s Perfect

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Angela and Dwayne are parents to a pair of beautiful sisters; two-year-old Hazel and one-year-old Lumina.

Before Lumina was even born, they received a diagnosis of Walker-Warburg Syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects the development of muscles, brain, and eyes.

She requires 24 hour care, a feeding tube, and has frequent seizures.

“We understand that her diagnosis is such that she will leave sooner than we want,” says Dwayne.

The diagnosis was overwhelming for the young family, but it was quickly followed by an introduction to Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.

Angela and Dwayne were initially hesitant at the mention of a hospice, but they soon learned that Canuck Place was on hand to support them in their decisions, and to help them simply love their youngest daughter.

“The message was, let’s cherish this little beautiful baby,” says Dwayne. “Canuck Place is so wonderful, they provide expert care, love and support for families, and kiddos like Lumina, who desperately need such assistance.”

Small victories make up Best Days Ever for the family, whether it’s feeding Lumina without a feeding tube for the first time, or simply watching their daughters interacting together.

Canuck Place helps the family cherish their time with Lumina, while also taking a break for themselves.

Even something as simple as a date night, where they can take time for themselves, safe in the knowledge that Lumina is safely in the care of Canuck Place nurses.

Last summer the family decided to give back by participating in the Canuck Place Adventure Race, raising over $6000.

At the event, Lumina’s great-uncle, Eric, upped the stakes, pledging $100 if Dwayne took a post-race dunk in the chilly water off of Locarno Beach. Bills were soon flying, as excited participants pitched in, more than doubling the pledge.

“We created our Adventure team “This Lil Light” because we really believe each dollar raised would have an eternal significance on the lives of those who call Canuck Place their home away from home,” says Dwayne.

Dwayne, Angela, Hazel, and Lumina continue to receive support from Canuck Place, where they look forward to creating more best days together.

“This is a very hard situation,” says Dwayne. “But it’s a beautiful one. I like to say, It’s not normal, but it is perfect, because she is perfect.”

We invite you to consider the ways you find moments of perfection in otherwise difficult situations.

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