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Nurses Bring Advanced Care to Fraser Valley Families

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Kirsten Campbell is an Advanced Practice Nurse, based out of Dave Lede House in Abbotsford.

The staff in Abbotsford is currently focused on community services, allowing families to stay in their own community while receiving the care the whole family needs.

“People often tell me that it must be so hard to be a palliative care nurse,” Kirsten said. “Of course the answer is ‘yes,’ but the beauty of helping a child or family prepare for death and living life to the fullest is really a gift to be part of.”

Kirsten works with families throughout the Fraser Valley, providing them access to highly specialized care that would otherwise only be available in Vancouver.

“I have provided perinatal care planning with women who are carrying a baby with a diagnosis of a lethal fetal anomaly or life-threatening condition, in order to allow them to deliver their baby closer to home,” she said.

Kirsten consults with families in their own homes. This allows them to stay in their home community, as the end of their child’s life approaches. They have the freedom to stay in a comfortable and familiar spot, rather than a hospital bed.

“At Canuck Place, we can’t cure the illness,” said Kirsten. “But we can help with pain and symptom management. We can show families their options. This is so important, because when you feel utterly out of control, a supportive team makes a big difference.”

“As I walk with a child and family through their journey, somehow I hope that their pain and heartache has become a little easier to carry. I have learned in life that you cannot separate joy and sorrow; somehow they always seem to be present together.”

Thank you for using a fierce mind, and brave spirit to care for our Fraser Valley families, Kirsten.

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