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Pip Parr’s Passion for Life at Canuck Place

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Phillipa “Pip” Parr has been an RN at Canuck Place for 15 years. She is an adventurous spirit who has spent her entire career in pediatrics. After working in Oncology, she found herself looking for a more gentle approach to working with sick children.

“I want to provide a place of comfort, care, and relief from pain for a child so that peacefulness can happen,” Pip said. “Children and families have basic needs. They want to feel loved and relaxed when their world is falling apart. Our job at Canuck Place is to make this possible and to give them the space to live in the moment.”

The values and vision of Canuck Place allows nurses like Pip to turn her attention to entire families. Rather than simply looking to address the physical trials children in her care face, she is able to care for their emotional needs, and the needs of their entire family.

“The most rewarding part of my work is caring for the children and families,” she said. “Pediatric palliative care forces our inter-disciplinary team to think outside the box. Palliative care is not just medicine, it is an art form. You balance social and emotional needs along with the physical needs.”

“One of things I have learned from families is that the journey as a parent does not end when your child dies. Our purpose is to create memories that give light and hope for the future.”

Canuck Place has given Pip a new appreciation for life, and helps her live in the moment while spending time with her own children.

Pip’s passion for life doesn’t end there however. She is also a committed athlete, competing in numerous Adventure Challenges, including the 50km MOMAR in Cumberland, and our own Canuck Place Adventure Race.

We love her support in the house and on the course, and Canuck Place is very lucky to have such a dedicated, passionate woman on our nursing team.

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