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Small moments make the Best Day Ever

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It’s those small moments in life that make the Best Day Ever.

For Kim Cowan, an eight-year family volunteer at Canuck Place, her life changed when recreational therapist, Laura Fielding reached out to her for an on-set tour for Canuck Place children. At the time, Kim was working in the film industry as a publicist on a television series. Her incredible experience with Canuck Place that day resonated with her.

It wasn’t until after she gave birth to her daughter and became a stay at home mom, that she decided she wanted to volunteer somewhere in the city. Canuck Place was first and foremost on her mind.

After eight years of volunteering at Canuck Place, Kim notes, “The best part is being here once a week with amazing people. For my four hour shift I’m meeting these incredibly courageous families and kids, and these incredibly passionate people that work here; the staff, the other volunteers. It’s just a pleasure.”

But the best part about volunteering is a ritual that she has carried out every week for the last seven years. After her shift, she takes a cookie from the kitchen and picks her daughter up from school.

“As she’s eating her cookie,” Kim explains, “we have a discussion in the car on the way home about what we did during our day and what I did at Canuck Place. It’s a really great opportunity to talk about empathy and to talk about gratitude. I think that’s the most amazing thing that I get from Canuck Place.”

This experience that Kim shares with her daughter illustrates how even the smallest and briefest moments like these can make a small moment a remarkable best day ever.

What rituals does your family share?

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