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Teamwork: Coming together to care for families

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It takes a team to care for Canuck Place families, and a community of nurses working together to carry this important work out.

Camara van Breemen, Nurse Practitioner at Canuck Place, has been with Canuck Place since the beginning and attests to the value of teamwork with one of her favourite palliative care quotes.

“Whole person care takes a whole person – but until one comes along, use a team.” For Camara and the Canuck Place clinical team, children and their families are the reason why they engage in this line of work.

“We at Canuck Place are a community,” Camara said, “we don’t focus on job descriptions and roles but rather how do we, together, come to know the child and siblings and family and respond to their needs with expertise and compassion.”

Canuck Place is a world-leader in pediatric palliative care, due to the dedication of our staff, and their desire to keep learning and growing.

“For 21 years, Canuck Place has grown in our practice through research efforts by so many across the world,” Camara explained. “Palliative care is a science and art and, to do this well, we need to be knowledgeable in both.”

Working in pediatric palliative care presents a unique set of challenges, and sometimes the mental and emotional strain can become overwhelming. But at Canuck Place, you see an incredible clinical team working hand-in-hand and leaning on each other for support.  The work at the hospice is complex but teamwork enables the team to provide supportive care.

“In my work, I see sadness and suffering. But I also see love and grace. I feel so honoured that families and children allow us to be part of their journey and then to hopefully provide them with support that makes their journey easier.”

Canuck Place depends on the expertise of many, and it is why Camara, along with the clinical team, continue to work together as a community. It is through teamwork, that they hold each other up and in turn, the families that they support.

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