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The Sidhu family is in many ways, like any other family in BC. Mom Amanda and dad Robert have three children, Sean, 12, Brittany, 9 and Kaitlyn, 4. They live in Mission, where Sean is an accomplished hockey player and Brittany loves to swim and do arts and crafts. Both enjoy spending time with their little sister Kaitlyn – and vice versa! But the Sidhus are also a Canuck Place family – who face challenging circumstances on a daily basis.

The youngest Sidhu has had to endure the most in her short life. Kaitlyn was diagnosed at birth with a rare life-threatening condition called semilobar holoprosenchephaly, meaning that her brain is not fully formed which makes every day life very challenging for both her and her family. She has also undergone several rounds of extensive chemotherapy to treat cancer.

With two other children to care for, Amanda and Robert have been stretched to the limit. “Kaitlyn is only four, but she’s spent almost half her life in the hospital,” says Amanda. “This meant our family was living apart, until we were welcomed into Canuck Place, where the clinical team does everything possible to help Kaitlyn. Canuck Place literally saved our family from a very difficult time.”

With the help of Canuck Place, Amanda, Robert, Sean, Brittany and Kaitlyn can, for a few moments, enjoy time together like any other BC family. “Walking into Canuck Place is like walking into a whole other world,” said Amanda. “It’s a home filled with love that comes from the hearts of everyone inside. Canuck Place saved us, and we have so much gratitude and relief. There’s really nowhere else we can go for this kind of care. Thank you.”

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