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Training for the Canuck Place Adventure Race

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Patricia Chu worked in the Canuck Place development office, and has decided to participate in the Canuck Place Adventure Race for the first time. She had previously completed the BMO half-marathon twice, but training and fundraising for the Adventure Race would prove to bring a whole new set of challenges.

Follow her weekly progress as she prepares to tackle some fears in the name of supporting Canuck Place children and families.

August 19: Canuck Place Adventure Race – I’m ready for you!!

2016, I am ready for you! For the last 2 years, I have run the BMO Half-Marathon to raise funds for Canuck Place Children’s Hospice – huge shoutout to all the lovely people who supported me! 🙂

While training and racing I faced some mild adversity along the way… Rainy weather, dried up water stations, blisters, missing toenails. Bu it was 100% worth it to support the kids and their families!

This year, I wanted to push myself further, get out of my comfort zone, challenge myself, and raise awareness and funds for Canuck Place. We need to embrace every precious moment of life. Let’s do it for the kids! Do it for the families!

So what exactly does the Adventure Race consist of anyway?

3km kayak, 20km bike and 6km run. Yup, I’m gonna do it all. I bravely signed up as an individual because for me, it was super-intimidating to do so and I had vowed to give it my all. “I am not afraid” – Arya Stark (yes, I may sometimes take inspiration from Game of Thrones, because it is possibly the greatest show of all time).

The hardest part for me to overcome before I could even sign-up was nothing directly related to the race. I trained first by…. learning how to swim. I am TERRIFIED of water which is a bit of a problem when I need to kayak to start the race…. (What if I fall in?!?!)

Six months later, I can now put my head underwater (seriously, I was that bad), glide and float. Above all, I’ve lowered my panicky-fear in water. I even recently did the Rugged Maniac 5km obstacle course as sort of a training race. Jumping into unknown water depths was only a wee bit scary! (Thanks to my fellow Lemons for hanging on to me!).

Some actual kayaking, biking, and running training has taken place too. More on that next time.

Check back soon for more updates. In the meantime, sponsor Pat as she continues to train or sign up to race yourself!


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