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WJ Mouat students win for Canuck Place

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Two Grade 10 students, Kirsten Hartle and Aries Russell from WJ Mouat Secondary School in Abbotsford recently won $5000 for Canuck Place through the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative.

Through their Planning 10 course at WJ Mouat, students are tasked with researching social issues in their community, and presenting on a local charity of their choice.

Aries believes that the their presentation proved to be the winner due to the personal connect he had towards the program, having seen a friend struggle with cancer.

“I think our presentation stood out because I feel it had more emotion to it and we talked about how much the kids meant to us,” said Kirsten. “The money goes towards their care to make their last moments the best it can be.”

The pair opted to connect with their audience, rather than using a lot of statistics to prove their point, explaining the relevance of the Canuck Place green lights, and scrapbook pages on the mantle.

“Canuck Place really stood out to us,” said Kirsten, “I probably wouldn’t have as much courage as the kids in the care of Canuck Place. We thought that the $5000 would help to go towards getting the David Lede House up and running so more children can receive the special care they need.”

After high school, Aries hopes to attend Capilano University’s theatre program, while Kirtsten plans to attend a local University while volunteering at Canuck Place.

Whatever they choose to do after graduation, these two young philanthropists are off to a great start, and have our gratitude for showcasing Canuck Place in such a fantastic venue.

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