Cookies for Canuck Place

Welcome to Cookies for Canuck Place! By fundraising for Canuck Place, you’re supporting over 800 children and their families from all corners of British Columbia and Yukon. Each year Canuck Place bakes 100,000 cookies, and with your help, we can ensure more cookies and memories are made! To fundraise, sign up here!

From now until the end of the school year, Cookies for Canuck Place gives you the choice of where, when and how to fundraise in support of children with life-threatening illnesses and the families who love them.

How To Fundraise & Funding Resources

Donate the the Canuck Place Cookie Jar

The kitchens are at the heart of our hospice and with your help, we can ensure families receive  sustenance during times of uncertainty, and warmth amidst weariness and despair.

Donate to the Canuck Place Cookie Jar today.

Attention all parents, caregivers, schools and PACs, if you are donating on behalf of a group, please reach out to Chantelle Bowles at [email protected] so we can ensure all of your eligible donors can receive their tax receipts. Thank you so much for your support!”

Sign up for Cookie Day on February 24

Sign up for Cookie Day on February 24 and host a bake sale at your school!

Purchase from the Cookie Club

Find businesses and bakeries who are donating partial proceeds of delicious baked goods to Canuck Place throughout February and March!

Online Fundraiser

As easy as 1, 2, 3. Ask for contributions that would have been spen​​t on cookies. We will provide instructions to create an online fundraising platform for your school or business. Visit and follow the user-friendly page creation tool. If you need any further assistance, please contact one of our Cookie Concierges.

Colleagues/parents/caregivers/supporters can donate directly to your page and receive a tax receipt (minimum $20 or more).

Socially Distant Coin Drive

Every dollar counts! This is exactly as it sounds. We will provide a printable coin collection box for your participants to use individually. Collect the coins and watch your total grow.

Cafeteria/Restaurant Cause Marketing Campaign

​Is your school cafeteria open? Does your restaurant want to get involved? Select an item(s) to sell with proceeds going to Canuck Place. IE: 25% of all cookies or French fries sold for one week will support kids and families.

Facebook Fundraiser

Does your school, PAC, employee or community group use Facebook? Sign up for a Facebook Fundraiser and start sharing. All fees are waived so 100% of your donations will go directly to Canuck Place.

​Philanthropy and Social Change in Action​

Do you have a leadership group at your school looking for an activity or project? We’d be happy to present virtually to your class to discuss these important topics and support the project as best as we can.


Does your school use Munchalunch or similar fundraising software? Add a “Cookie Day” to your menu of options to collect funds to support kids and families.

Spirit Day

Join together, distantly and celebrate. Wear your favourite jersey, throwback to the 80s, go casual and wear jeans…the sky is the limit. Pay a small “fine” to participate and watch your donations roll in.

Questions? Reach out to our Cookies for Canuck Place Coordinator

Chantelle Bowles
[email protected]


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Cookies for Canuck Place

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