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Resilience: 5 Things Charlie-Anne Taught Me About Motherhood

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My Name is Cherie Ehlert.

My daughter, Charlie-Anne, was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1 at 6 months old. We have had a lot of close calls since then, but Charlie is now 7.

Charlie is witty, sassy, brilliant, and hilarious. She is the motivation behind everything I do, and so I’d like to share the things she has taught be about motherhood.

Top 5 Things Charlie Has Taught Me About Motherhood

  1. Charlie has taught me patience and has shown me the purest form of true love.
  2. She has taught me to trust myself and my instincts and that “Mother always knows best.”
  3. Charlie has taught me to embrace and to marvel in all of the ‘little’ things.
  4. Charlie has taught me that being a mother really is the hardest job you never want to quit.
  5. The biggest lesson Charlie has taught me about motherhood is that she will teach me more than I could ever possibly teach her.

The day-to-day with Charlie consists of morning and evening physio and medications and constant suctioning, she is tube fed and sleeps with a BiPAP mask on to help her breathe.

Soon after Charlie was diagnosed and we were told our situation was palliative we received an information package from Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.

I remember refusing to go and thinking, “Why would we go and spend the night at a sad hospice when we have our perfectly good home two miles away?”

I am so glad we did.

Canuck Place is quite literally our closest family now. They are who we lean on when we need help of any kind. Charlie’s dad and I both attend counselling there and whenever we need a break this is the only place we can trust her care with.

We don’t have any family nearby so this really means the world to us. Last May, I broke my ankle and Canuck Place took care of Charlie while I recovered. Just two weeks ago the floors at our place were getting done to be more wheelchair accessible for Charlie, and again Canuck Place kept my girl safe and happy for me.

Yes, it’s a hospice, but it’s so much more than that. The nurses, the doctors, the cooks, the recreational therapists, the volunteers… Everyone makes us feel like family, and we feel the love they have for our girl. We are so thankful to have them in our time of need.

Resilience is featured in 2016’s 12 Gratitudes. Follow along as we share joy and gratitude.

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