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A Pair of Canuck Place Nurses

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At Canuck Place we have an amazing team of dedicated nurses who are constantly putting their patients first. Their generous nature and knowledge of each child’s individual needs and personality provides comfort for the children and families in their care.

As a nurse and intake coordinator, Sharon Rai has been inspired by the children at Canuck Place.

“I never thought that I would go into palliative care, but when I saw what Canuck Place actually does, and what it represents, and the kids and the families, I couldn’t help but develop a passion for it. These kids and these families are so grateful, it just humbled me to see this joy, and their strength in midst of all the sadness.”

Dianna Chuddy is another nurse who shares the same values as Canuck Place.

“I wanted to work in a place where the person’s feelings were taken into account,” Dianna explained. “I heard about Canuck Place, and what they did, and the chance to really help people, not just physically, but emotionally through some of the hardest times of their lives really drew me.”

She decided to devote her heart to caring for Canuck Place children and their families, a decision which is reinforced whenever she watches children playing in the garden.

“I have memories of chasing children, and them laughing and squealing with delight. These are the same kids, who earlier that day I saw dealing with some pretty intense losses. But there they are, racing around the yard in their wheelchairs, with the sun shining on them, care free, like they hadn’t gone through something that intensely serious earlier that day.”

Sharon and Dianna are featured in the Let Your Light Shine project.

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