Annual report

Family-Centered Care

Together, we care for families when and where they need it

We are grateful for the generosity of our donors, and government and corporate
partners. Together, we help ease the suffering of vulnerable children and families across BC and the Yukon.

Read more below about some of our Canuck Place families and how we walk alongside them during the most unimaginable circumstances.

Nick, Canuck Place father, embracing Nurse Practitioner

Canuck Place dads find strength through broken places

Canuck Place is here to support dads like Nick Fraser through the difficulty of losing their child. Nick recalls when Canuck Place Nurse Practitioner Rachel first came to his home to meet his son Kolbi.

“When Rachel arrived, we knew we were in the best possible hands.”

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31% increase in community-based and in-hospital care

Each Canuck Place family has a unique story

The Hall family holding a photo of their daughter Lily at Canuck Place Children's Hospice
The Hall Family

Canuck Place helps short lives shine bright

When Chris and Hollie Hall’s daughter Lily was 13 years old, she was diagnosed with a rare, malignant brain tumour. After many years of treatment, the Hall family found their way into Canuck Place care when Lily was 16 years old.

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32% increase in counselling sessions in-hospice

The Angels a Canuck Place family
The Angel Family

Canuck Place gives families the gift of time

The clinical team at Canuck Place supports families and their children with life-threatening illnesses to make the most of the time they have left. At just two weeks old, Alejandro Angel, lovingly known as Alejo, was diagnosed with a rare cancer.

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80% increase in care provided in-home through the Enhanced Community Care Program

The Ngs a Canuck Place family
The Ng Family

Helping families make precious memories

Canuck Place parents Maggie and Stewart were first introduced to Canuck Place in January 2020, when their son Matthew was diagnosed with Trisomy 18, an incurable genetic disorder.

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558 recreation therapy sessions

Our Care

Together, we care for families when and where they need it

Canuck Place is the only pediatric palliative care provider in BC and the Yukon. We make a personalized care plan for every child and family on our program to meet their needs. Children aren’t just small adults, and a children’s hospice isn’t the same as an adult hospice. On average, a child is on the Canuck Place program for six years. We’re with them and their families from diagnosis to illness, to death and beyond. Families are typically on our bereavement program for another three years.

With you, we walked alongside families and helped them live fiercely with the time they have left.

Number of infants, children, youth patients, and families on program 871

A 5% increase in infants, children, youth patients and their families on program

Increase in community-based and in-hospital care 31%

4,014 community-based and in-hospital care consultations, which includes 24-Hour Clinical Care Line, in-hospital, in-home, and virtual care

Increase in family members receiving overnight respite care in hospice 63%

1,143 Suite Nights for 3,118 family members in our family room accommodations receiving overnight rest and care

Urgent hospice admissions 100%

Met within 24 hours

Counselling sessions 3,264

Provided for children and families to support mental health through incredibly challenging circumstances

Increase in in-home care 80%

In-home clinical care visits provided through our Enhanced Community Care Program

In-hospital consults 1,459

An increase of 24% since the previous year

Increase in end-of-life care 33%

End-of-life care for children and families supported by expert Canuck Place clinicians

Phone and video consultations 2,313

Made by Canuck Place clinicians through the Canuck Place 24-Hour Clinical Care Line

Increase in patient bed occupancy 3%

2,320 Patient bed occupancy in-hospices

Music therapy sessions 448

Conducted in-hospice, in-home, and in-hospitals for 578 children and family attendees

Meals served to families 23,464

During medical respite stays—easing the daily burden for families

Over 871 Children and Families on program

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice helps give short lives the gift of great days. We provide pediatric palliative care to children 0–19 with life-threatening illnesses across BC and the Yukon and journey with families during uncertain times. Below is the representation of children and families on our program from the five BC Health regions.

42% Fraser Health

22% Vancouver Coastal Health

14% Interior Health

13% Island Health

8% Northern Health

1% Yukon / Out of Province

Canuck Place Children's Hospice Glen Brae Vancouver

Our Program

Pediatric palliative care is different from adult palliative care. It is an interdisciplinary approach to care that addresses the physical, psychological, and spiritual needs of both a child and their family. At Canuck Place, a child’s days are as normal as possible—filled with music, art, and play. Our team walks alongside families from diagnosis through progression of illness, to death and in bereavement.


Donor Impact

Together, we care for families when and where they need it

Your dedication makes a difference in the lives of children and families. We are grateful for your support in helping us provide expert pediatric palliative care to children with life-threatening illnesses and their families.

With you, we can give short lives the gift of great days.

Generous donors providing support for care at Canuck Place 10,327

Courage Builder Monthly Donors 3,135

Gifts from donors to provide care for children and families 51,771

Generous corporate donors 945

Our Donors

We are grateful for the 10,327 incredible donors who help us provide compassionate, complex care to children and families. Read more below about some of the amazing individuals that help make our work possible.

Canuck Place Donor Profile - Dhillon Family
Dhillon Family

Generosity keeps Canuck Place going

In 2022, The Dhillon family generously donated $100,000 to Canuck Place. As first time donors to a capital project, their designated gift covered the cost of replacing the boiler at Canuck Place Vancouver—Glen Brae Manor, as well as contributing to the cost of a Canuck Place vehicle.

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Aubrey, Cherie and Charlie-Anne
Charlie's Angels Joy Runners

Running and rolling in the BMO Vancouver Marathon

On May 7, 2023, team Charlie’s Angels Joy Runners ran and rolled 21km in the BMO Vancouver Marathon to raise funds for Canuck Place.

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Donor Profile - Courage Builders Elizabeth and Phoenix
Elizabeth and Phoenix Malin

Canuck Place giving starts young

Teacher Librarian, Elizabeth Malin, and her nine-year-old son, Phoenix, have been Canuck Place Courage Builder Monthly Donors since the summer of 2022.

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Leadership Message

Angela Uncles, FAC Chair Canuck Place

Family Advisory Council Chair

“Canuck Place Children’s Hospice supports the care of our daughter, and also cares for our family. This critical and complex care is why I have been part of the Canuck Place Family Advisory Council (FAC).”

Angela Uncles
FAC Chair

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Denise Praill Canuck Place CEO and Bob Smart Canuck Place board member

CEO and Board Chair

“The support of donors, and corporate and government partners is vital to the delivery of pediatric palliative care. Every dollar that is donated helps Canuck Place care for terminally-ill children, and helps support their families through the toughest of times.”

Denise Praill 
Chief Executive Officer

Bob Smart
Board Chair

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Canuck Place Medical and Clinical Program Director

Clinical and Medical Director

“At Canuck Place, we are in the service of human beings. We value connection and partnership with children and families and we view this relationship as a powerful instrument of healing in the face of pain and uncertainty.”

Dr. Hal Siden
Medical Director

Kristina Boyer
Clinical Program Director

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Knowledge & Innovation

Canuck Place Research Initiative

The Research Initiative is part of a national, interdisciplinary network of clinicians and researchers. Pediatric palliative care has become an innovative field through the leadership of Canuck Place Medical Director, Dr. Hal Siden, the principal investigator of the Siden Lab; BC Children’s Health Research program, and Canuck Place. We are grateful to donors, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and PedPalASCNet for supporting this research since 2004.

The Canuck Place Research Initiative is positioned to provide leadership in the knowledge dissemination and education of clinicians and researchers to benefit the children and families tragically confronted with fragility, uncertainty, grief, and loss when managing a serious childhood illness.

10 research publications

Serious Illness Conversation Guide—Pediatrics©

There may be nothing more disconcerting for the parents of a terminally-ill child to feel they are being left out of important decisions about their child’s care and their own well-being at a very difficult time in their lives. Pediatric clinicians will often simply tell families what’s happening to their child and what the care plan will be without providing an opportunity for open, two-way communication. With your support, Canuck Place developed the Serious Illness Conversation Guide—Pediatrics© (SICG-Peds©) to train clinicians in the art of communication.

As part of the Family Engagement Model, the organization included family members as teachers with four Family Faculty trained to deliver SICG-Peds©. “We wanted participation by parents who had had a seriously ill child and experienced the death of a child,” says Camara van Breemen, Nurse Practitioner and Enhanced Community Care Lead. “These are parents who have had many challenging conversations in healthcare. Having them come on as faculty to give clinicians direct feedback was very powerful.”

700+ clinicians have been trained globally on Canuck Place Serious Illness Conversation Guide—Pediatrics©

Global recognition for pain management

Thanks to the support of our donor community, Canuck Place is the first hospice in the world to achieve a ChildKind certification. ChildKind is a global non-profit composed of internationally recognized experts that foster institutional commitment to pediatric pain care.

“The ChildKind site visit team was extremely impressed with the passionate and compassionate care provided by all staff and volunteers at Canuck Place Children’s Hospice,” says Dr. Allen Finley, ChildKind International Certification Member. “Pain and comfort care are integrated into a holistic approach to treating the patient and entire family, and the institutional commitment is very strong.”

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1st hospice in the world to achieve a ChildKind Certification

Diversity & Inclusion

At Canuck Place we understand that uniqueness is powerful. We hold each other accountable for an inclusive environment where employees feel empowered to share their experiences and ideas. Everyone knows that they belong.

Your support inspires Canuck Place to be a better organization

With your support, Canuck Place is a place of choice to work, connect, and collaborate. Canuck Place is recognized for a commitment to fostering a culture that acknowledges and celebrates diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging. We are pleased to share the following recognition and awards with our donors and community partners:


Canuck Place is committed to financial sustainability, accountability, and transparency in how donor funds are received, directed, and invested.

Tom Webster Canuck Place Board of Directors

Report from the Finance & Audit Committee

Canuck Place Children’s Hospice (CPCH) is grateful to our donors and government partners that make it possible to provide safe, high quality, and sustainable care for children and families. This care is provided through our programs across the province; in-hospices, in-hospitals, in-homes, and through virtual care delivery. CPCH is committed to accountability and transparency with our donors in how funds are received and invested to ensure seriously ill children and families have a chance to live life to the fullest, to their individual potential, and with the time they have remaining. Through strong financial stewardship and your generosity, the CPCH Society has ended the fiscal year with a surplus of $561,290.

Tom Webster
Treasurer and Finance & Audit Committee Chair, Canuck Place Board of Directors


CPCH Foundation Financial Statement

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Investments In Care for Children and Families

Community-based care, in-hospital care, in-home clinical care (11%)

Care for children and families where and when they need it most.

Food and volunteer services, housekeeping, facilities (26%)

A home-like environment for families facing unimaginable circumstances.

In-hospices direct clinical care (55%)

Direct care for children and families stay in our two provincial hospice locations.

Research and education (8%)

Helping innovate the field of pediatric palliative care.

Sources of Funding

Donations & Fundraising (49%)

Funds donated by our community of generous donors.

Province of BC—Direct Patient Care (34%)

Generous support from the Province of BC.

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Canuck Place Children’s Hospice Foundation (11%)

Funds received from the foundation include legacy gifts, raffles, and investment income.

Province of BC—One-Time Grant (6%)

What is the CPCH Foundation?

CPCH Foundation was established in 2000 to invest and safeguard funds for the purpose of investing in Canuck Place operations and to ensure future generations of children living with a huge variety of complex conditions receive the pediatric palliative care they need. Investments in the CPCH Foundation will provide a bridge to any funding gaps and provide stability in the current economic uncertainty.

Thank you

With you, we can provide expert pediatric palliative care to children with life-threatening illnesses and the families who love them. We love how you give!