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Best Day Ever: Creative Expressions

Canuck Place Care |

Creative expressions are important at Canuck Place Children’s Hospice. Expert counselors use art, play, and music therapy to help children and families express complex and difficult emotions.

At Canuck Place, art therapy can take on many forms, and is used for everyone from non-verbal children, to their siblings and parents.

“It provides an opportunity for self-expression and to share how they’re feeling without needing to use words,” says Canuck Place art therapist, Allison McDiarmid. “Oftentimes, words are really difficult to name, or they are feel really big, or they feel uncertain about how they’re feeling.”

Art therapy gives children and families an opportunity to express and explore those feelings.

Allison can lead them through the process, encouraging them to explain what their artwork represents, and how it makes them feel.

Other times, art simply serves as something for families to do together.

“It’s such a beautiful way to encourage play and fun and exploration,” says Allison. “It gives children and families opportunities to be together and create something together, creating memories together.”

Creating special artwork together is a Best Day Ever at Canuck Place.

How does your family use art and creative expressions together?

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